Aviagen Production Management School

Aviagen North America Production Management School – Celebrating six decades of learning and success

Aviagen proudly celebrates 61 years of our North America Production Management School. This immersive program equips participants with the latest knowledge and best practices in managing successful breeder and broiler operations.

Originally known as the Arbor Acres Production Management School, the program was first held in 1963 in Connecticut. Since then, it has grown in size and scope, and is now held annually in Huntsville, Alabama.

What sets our Production Management School apart is its comprehensive approach to poultry science. It's the longest-running course of its kind in the industry, offering a month-long program that covers all aspects of breeder and broiler operations. Since its inception, well over 2,000 students from over 100 countries have successfully completed the School.

Expert-led sessions on relevant topics

The rich curriculum includes seminars, workshops, and field experiences – all led by our faculty of experts who are passionate about helping our customers take their expertise to the next level and achieve the most with their Aviagen flocks. They come from various fields, including customer service, veterinary services, nutrition, genetic research and development, production and farm management, hatchery and incubation operations, finance and accounting, and general administration.

Plus, we also have guest lecturers from leading poultry science institutions in the United States, as well as allied industry representatives. Their mutual goal is to help students deepen their knowledge of the latest innovations and technological advancements in poultry biology, health, nutrition, housing and environment, and other production-related disciplines. Topics include biosecurity and disease control, nutrition and feeding practices, and much more. And, participants are able to reinforce classroom theory with hands-on practice at breeder and broiler facilities throughout Alabama.

Benefits beyond the classroom

The School is not just about learning – it’s also about building relationships. That’s why students have numerous opportunities to connect outside of the classroom, forging lifelong mutually beneficial business relationships. The course offers a truly varied learning experience, with a multinational mix of instructors and attendees. The impact is multiplied, as students take their school experiences and insight back to their home operations and share their learnings with their colleagues.

Empowering the next generation – A 60-year legacy

Enrollment is limited, and all applicants must be Aviagen customers who have been nominated by one of our Sales or Technical Representatives. Learn more about this unique learning experience by reaching out to our school staff. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of poultry science with the next generation of bright and innovative industry professionals for decades to come!