Aviagen works with all stakeholders to ensure genetic diversity and quality of our products while promoting the overall health and welfare of the birds in our care. We focus on minimizing our impact on the environment, maintaining continuous improvement of internal processes, and encouraging social responsibility throughout our operations worldwide.

  • As a global company, Aviagen is committed to developing products and adopting internal production practices that not only support cost-effective food production, but that do so in a way that supports social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
  • Aviagen takes its responsibility in the food chain seriously and realizes that keeping pathogens out of the system begins with the primary breeder. It is our responsibility to ensure future generations continue to enjoy a delicious, safe and healthy product.
  • Aviagen is proud to be a leader in both new technologies and environmental stewardship. We will continue to supply the world with a valuable protein source while minimizing environmental impact and emphasizing conservation.

By investing our resources in talented people, superior genetics, enhanced welfare initiatives, and biosecurity protocols, as well as environmentally friendly production practices, we are investing in the future.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. GRI provides all companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world Read the latest report.


Aviagen is a member of  European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB) and follows the Code of Good Practice Code-EFABAR and Principles of Sustainable Breeding.